July 23, 2010

Everything requires balance

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It’s easy to become excited about a new project, an exciting client, financial prospects, etc. – especially when you feel that the client will propel your business into the stratosphere (or blogosphere as it were).

Still, balance is required to accomplish anything great. For instance, this week was big for me with some GREAT breakthroughs with two of my clients. In fact, the ideas kept coming…and coming…and…

…before I knew it the week was over and I now have a pile of scribbled legal sized yellow papers up to my thick, fat, sleep-apnea neck! That’s great – yes – but here’s the problem: I now have to CARRY THEM OUT!

I don’t mind the work. (To paraphrase the late, great Ray Charles, ‘That’s why I do what I do, baby!’) It’s just that…suddenly I’m seeing that family picnic at the lake fading off…and that newly-released film will just have to wait.

What I should have done was explain to each client that my timeline would not allow me to start on ‘that particularly’ project until Monday. I should have remembered that I’m simply human – and that I, even I – need a break too.

I can hear my ‘business partner’ Chef Gordon Ramsay saying, “Madame! What are you doing?! You ‘cont’ [“can’t”] accomplish anything without prioritizing. You simply ‘cont’ [“can’t”]!”

In short, I should have remembered: everything requires balance.

Maybe I’ll start on that “balance thingy” next week…



  1. Well said, Juice! I too do this all the time. Trying to make everyone happy right away as opposed to making sure I have a life outside my work. I’m still struggling with it after 11 years.

    Comment by Joe — July 26, 2010 @ 3:36 pm

  2. I read this a day or two ago. I thought MAN! SHE SURE HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD!
    Then I just read Joe’s comment, and I thought… STORY OF MY LIFE!
    Well written…well said…

    Comment by Von — July 27, 2010 @ 12:33 am

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