July 19, 2010

Chef Gordon Ramsay: my business partner (if only he knew it)

I’m not easily swayed, but I have to admit: One day while bored out of my wits I logged onto Hulu.com and – on a whim – started watching Hell’s Kitchen (season 5) with Chef Gordon Ramsay.

The only reason I did so was because my twin sister June is totally head-over-heels in love with the angry, talented Brit and has boasted of his skills since he invaded America.

Yeah, whatever. I’ll give it a whirl, I thought. I can always turn it once he starts getting on my nerves.

But somewhere between “You idiot!” and “Dumb bleeping cow!” I became fixated. What began as a ‘nothing-else-to-do-on-a-Friday-afternoon’ stint turned into a weekend-long delve into the madness of one of the world’s finest culinary minds.

I ended up watching every online episode Hulu.com had to offer during the following week, including the current season of Nightmare Kitchens, which I also have never watched.

Yeah, I’m hooked. But not because of why one might think. It isn’t that I care so much about cooking (I’m not much of a cook and am not interested in learning). Rather, I could hear “(Yea) Chef” screaming in my ear, “Not good enough, Juice! You’ve got to do better,” as I started working on my own projects.

It’s easy to become complacent when you work alone from home. No one looking over your shoulder, no one micromanaging; those are the good points to working from home.

The down side is that there’s no one to say, “Seriously, Juice? You can’t do any better than that?” or (ala Chef Ramsay) “Is this some bloody joke, woman? Do you seriously think you belong here?!”

These days, as I’m drawing up a proposal or developing a PR/marketing plan or any one of a dozen projects I might have going on at any given time, I imagine Chef Ramsay standing over me, with that evil “make-one-wrong-move-and-you’re-outta-here” stare.

Sometimes you need that kick in the backside. At least I do. And Chef Ramsay is just the one to do it. But that’s what business partners are for.

…if only he knew it.



  1. Can you hear me applauding??? This one was very well done. Don’t take that to mean that your other ones are not done well, I just appreciated this one a little more because I love Hell’s Kitchen and Chef Ramsey too. You should “tweet” him and let him know how much of an effect he has on your daily life. LOL I’m sure he’d appreciate it… maybe he will even send you two tickets to eat in Hell’s Kitchen on an upcoming episode. And since it was my suggestion, I would love to go with you!!!

    Comment by Sissy — July 27, 2010 @ 12:33 am

  2. HK Rocks…now, JUDITH, give me your pen and BUG off! lol…Chef Ramsey would make a cool partner, wouldn’t he?

    Comment by Von — July 27, 2010 @ 12:35 am

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